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Employing and managing people

As your business grows, you may need to take on staff to help you. There are six main types of employment options, full time, part time, fixed term, apprentices and trainees and subcontractors. What type of arrangement you undertake needs to be linked to your business plan, growth strategy,  and what is most suitable to help you grow.

Before hiring staff, get to know your legal obligations. These include employee’s rights under anti-discrimination laws, record keeping requirements, paying the correct wages and workplace health and safety obligations.

The Hiring Employees checklist help you meet Australian laws when hiring and also includes helpful tips. You will also need to ensure you meet your tax and super obligations.

Fair Work is another fantastic resource, that will help you with things such as:

Managing people is a key part of growing your business, and there are many different ways and styles of getting the best out of your people while giving them a meaningful, productive experience.

To get started, have a look at the Better Workplaces Employer Resource Kit.