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Business Tasmania

Emergency management and disaster recovery

Disasters have the potential to significantly disrupt your business activities and cause financial setbacks. However, the impact of disasters and disruptions can be mitigated and managed by preparing in advance.

Plan for your business to survive, recover and thrive with our Business Tasmania Emergency Preparation Toolkit.

Nobody thinks it will happen to them, but preparing your business to survive an emergency event is vital for every business owner. Follow these simple checklists, designed to help you prepare your business to come through an emergency event, recover faster and ideally continue trading while you rebuild.

View and download the Emergency Preparation Toolkit.

Another option is to use our Business Continuity Plan, to help you protect and prepare your business in the case of emergency.

The Business Continuity Plan has four parts. Each part of the Business Continuity Plan is available as a stand-alone template. You can complete the whole plan as one document or complete each part separately.

During a disaster, time is of the essence. Your Business Continuity Plan can help you respond quickly and have strategies in place to reduce the impacts of a disaster.

The Business Continuity Plan can also help minimise disruptions to your operations and guide your business recovery.