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ICT Professional Services Panel

Information Technology Procurement Framework

Changes from 16 August 2021

A new information technology procurement framework has been  implemented on 16 August 2021. This includes:

  • the Tasmanian Government Technology Services Multi-use List; and
  • the Tasmanian Technology Contract Conditions framework.

The new framework is contemporary, flexible and better connects ICT suppliers with Tasmanian Government agencies.

Technology Services Multi-use List (TSL)

The TSL replaces the ICT Professional Services Panel. Technology services suppliers can apply for inclusion on the TSL via the Tenders website.

Government agencies are required to use the TSL for the procurement of technology services valued at $100 000 or more.

Additional details, including the scope and categories of the TSL and how to apply, are available on the Tasmanian Government Purchasing website.

Tasmanian Technology Contract Conditions framework

The TTCC framework replaces the GITC as the Tasmanian Government’s contracting framework for the procurement of ICT products and services.

More information on the TTCC framework is available on the Tasmanian Government Purchasing website.

GITC Supplier Accreditation

The Government Information Technology Conditions (GITC) is the ICT contracting framework used by the Tasmanian Government until 16 August 2021.

Existing GITC contracts that are current when the TTCC is implemented will remain in place for their duration, unless otherwise terminated in accordance with the contract terms.

More details about the GITC are available on the Tasmanian Government Purchasing website.