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New Bridgewater Bridge Project


The river crossing between Bridgewater and Granton has a long history. Work to build the causeway started in 1830 and the first bridge connecting the causeway and Bridgewater opened in 1848.

The existing Bridgewater Bridge was built in 1946 and is the fourth bridge at this site. It’s now 75 years old and reaching the end of its life. It’s becoming unsafe, unreliable and expensive to maintain.

Planning to replace the Bridgewater Bridge started more than 20 years ago, with many different designs and plans developed over that time.

In 2018, the Australian and Tasmanian governments announced $576 million to build a new Bridgewater Bridge. Detailed planning started soon after, including site investigations and community consultation.

We’re now on our way to delivering the state’s largest transport infrastructure project by the end of 2024.