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New Bridgewater Bridge Project


Planning for a new Bridgewater Bridge started more than 20 years ago, with many designs and plans developed over that time showing different options and locations for the new bridge.

Detailed planning and site investigations started soon after the announcement of funding in 2018.

A reference design was presented to the community in late 2020 to show what a new bridge could look like. The reference design gave a realistic view of how the bridge and interchanges may be built to achieve the project’s design requirements within budget.

During the consultation on the reference design, we received hundreds of pieces of feedback from the community. This feedback included many different ideas and suggestions for improving the reference design and was used by the two tenderers as they developed their own designs during the Early Contractor Involvement phase.

McConnell Dowell was announced as the contractor to deliver the project in December 2021 and their chosen design was released publicly.

The community will have an opportunity to have a say on the successful design before work starts in 2022.

View more information about the chosen design