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Arts Tasmania

Social inclusion principles

Arts Tasmania seeks to support socially inclusive arts practices that are appropriate to the needs of those in our community who are at risk of social exclusion. In keeping with the social inclusion principles for Australia, Arts Tasmania encourages applicants to identify, where appropriate, how their arts practice might reduce disadvantage, increase social, civil and economic participation and/or assist in achieving a greater voice, combined with greater responsibility for members of our community who are at risk of social exclusion.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultural content

Applicants who are submitting projects containing Aboriginal cultural content should contact the Aboriginal Arts Program Officer at Arts Tasmania. The Tasmanian Government's Office of Aboriginal Affairs is also available to provide advice.

Arts Tasmania has also produced a supplementary guide dealing specifically with issues relating to Tasmanian Aboriginal culture: Respecting Cultures – Working with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community and Aboriginal Artists.

Arts and Disability

Arts Tasmania uses the term 'disability' to refer to barriers rather than medical conditions or function limitation.

Not all artists with disability may choose to identify as such and not all artists with disability make work that references their disability.

Cultural diversity

Arts Tasmania recognises the multicultural backgrounds of our population and the intercultural nature of artistic endeavours. It is through the diversity, traditions and capacity for innovation in Australia's multicultural society that creative expression across all areas of practice is expanded and enriched.

Arts Tasmania promotes equal access to participation for all Australians. To encourage projects that reflect the multicultural society, that involve artists from non-English speaking backgrounds and that engage audiences in multicultural arts, Arts Tasmania invites applications from: migrants and groups with specific cultural, religious and linguistic situations; arts organisations, artists and museums and collections whose projects include the promotion and the encouragement of greater awareness of cultural diversity in arts and culture; and projects that enable increased access to arts and cultural resources and activities by groups and communities from culturally diverse backgrounds