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Arts Tasmania

The Northern Tasmania Arts Organisations Initiative 2020-21

A delegate of the Minister for the Arts has approved funding of $98 602 to six arts organisations to deliver projects that strengthen Northern Tasmania's arts sector, engage and inspire audiences and the wider community, and benefit Northern Tasmania's professional artists and arts workers.

Funding recommendations for the stimulus funding were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.


Junction Arts Festival

$13 000

Towards Songs for Our Planet in 2021

Panama Productions

$11 500

Towards its 2021 arts program

RANT Arts Ltd.

$26 600

Towards ISituate@RANT in 2021

Stompin Inc.

$13 352

Towards major projects in 2021-22


$20 000

Towards ILLUMINATE in 2021

Theatre North Inc.

$14 150

Towards Multitrack and Critical Culture in 2021

Feedback from the expert peers

The peers commended organisations in Northern Tasmania for developing strong and interesting project proposals despite the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the North West of Tasmania. They noted that applications were overall of a high quality and well written. The peers commended applicants for their resilience and their commitment to being adaptive in challenging times.

The peers provided the following feedback for current and future applicants:

  • All applicants (whether new or experienced) were strongly encouraged to contact Arts Tasmania to make sure applications were in line with program guidelines.
  • The peers encouraged applicants to read application forms and eligibility guidelines carefully, as a number of applications to this round included ineligible expenses in the budget such as the purchase of equipment.
  • Applications that were written in plain English and avoided unnecessary art form specific language or jargon were more likely to be supported by the peers.
  • The peers expressed support for applications with clear and detailed budgets.
  • The peers encouraged applicants to make sure that applications included the voice of participants and demonstrated a need or demand from local artists, audiences or the broader community.
  • Applicants were encouraged to make sure that the application was consistent with the information included in the supporting documents.
  • The peers strongly encouraged applicants to consider including support material that demonstrated how they would work with vulnerable communities or evidence of consultation with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community if relevant to the activity.
  • The peers reminded applicants that applications were assessed by a multi-art form panel of both local and interstate peers, and encouraged them to include information about the organisation’s role in the arts ecology and the relevance of the activity to the local area.
  • Stronger applications showed deep engagement or wide reach, and included clear evidence of who would benefit from the activity.
  • The peers recommended that support material be recent and relevant to the proposed project.

Peer assessors

The following peers assessed in this round (Organisations, the Northern Tasmania Arts Organisations Initiative and Youth Arts Organisations):

  • Alison Wilkes
  • Angela Boxall
  • Chris Bendall
  • Christian Ramilo
  • Danny Gibson
  • Dawn Oelrich
  • Dewayne Everettsmith
  • Lisa Gormley
  • Michael Stocks
  • Michelle Boyde
  • Rohan Wilson

Arts Tasmania carefully manages actual and perceived conflicts of interest for both staff members and peers involved in the assessment process.

More information on the management of conflicts of interest.