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Tasmanian Contemporary Music Fund

The Tasmanian Contemporary Music Fund supports Tasmanian musicians whose engagements have been cancelled due to COVID-19. The fund supports musicians to record music and create music videos for digital distribution and promotion.

The Minister for the Arts has announced funding of $255 041 for 22 projects.

This funding is part of the Tasmanian Government Cultural and Creative Industries Development Package.

As part of this package, the Minister has also announced funding for the Arts and Screen Digital Production Fund and the second Accelerated Screen Development Fund.

Funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.





Angela Boxall

$14 500

Sixth studio album

East Coast artist Angela Boxall will receive funding towards recording her sixth studio album.

Big hART Inc.

$14 700

All of Us recordings

Big hART Inc. will receive funding to create, document and record new works in collaboration with a number of Tasmanian contemporary musicians.

Costume + Parker

(Adam Ouston and Natasha Parker)

$15 000

A collaborative album

Funding will support these artists (one from Hobart and one from Launceston) to create a collaborative album, and to produce associated promotional materials.

Emily Sanzaro

$13 000

A debut album of original contemporary harp compositions

Emily Sanzaro will receive funding to record a debut album of original contemporary music with Jack McLaine

Emily Sheppard and Yyan Ng

$8 665

A music video of a collaborative work

Funding will support the artists to create a music video to accompany their collaborative composition, Remnants.

Emma Anglesey

$14 660

Recording an experimental pop album

Launceston artist, Emma Anglesey will write and record a new solo album of experimental pop

Evangelos Carydakis

$15 000

The Point Within a Circle

Funding will support the artist to develop material for  a live performance in 2021, and create short promotional videos.

Fergus Hamill

$3 350

Producing and recording an EP, and creating music videos

Fergus Hamill will receive funding to record and produce an EP, and accompanying music videos.

Glenn Richards

$12 000

Weltschmerz and Other Hertz

Funding will support Glenn Richards to write and record a new full length album, to be mixed and mastered in Tasmania.

Jay Jerome

(Hamish Jetson, James Hunt, Jay Bushby, Mathew Olivier and Thomas Hann)

$14 600

An EP and music video

Funding will allow this group to produce a seven song EP at Reel to Reel Studios. The group will also work with Tasmanian creatives to produce a music video.

Kudu Joy

(Jay Bushby, Lewis Elliot, Sabine Bester, Sasha Gavleck and Thomas Hann)

$8 169

A short film collaboration with CollingsCreative

This collaboration will produce a short film to accompany the band’s next release.


(Cody Mills, James Matuszek, Marianne Shannon and Sheridan Kerr)

$7 248

Music videos

Launceston based group Meres will receive funding to work with a videographer to produce two music videos.

Monique Brumby

$14 930

A recording and filming project

Monique Brumby will receive funding to collaborate with other musicians and screen professionals to record and film material for an upcoming release.

Naarah Barnes

$5 830

Recording a debut single

Funding will support Naarah Barnes, an emerging singer/songwriter and performer, to record her debut single with local professionals.

Nathan Whittle with Tranquillity Unknown

(Callan Long, George Dunham, Jack Exton, Jordyn Lyons and Logan Crack)

$4 500

Recording Tranquillity Unknown’s debut album

Producer Nathan Whittle will work with emerging metal band Tranquillity Unknown to record the band’s debut album.

Pete Cornelius

$15 000

2020 BLUES

Funding will allow a number of Tasmanian blues and roots musicians to work collaboratively to write and record new music.


(Jason Peppiatt and Joseph Haley)

$15 000

A new album

Technical death metal group Psycroptic will receive funding to record the group’s eighth studio album.

Scott Tinkler

$14 702

Recording new work for solo trumpet

Funding will support the artist to produce a new solo recording in collaboration with sound engineer Chris Townsend.

Spike Mason

$12 300

A recording project

Spike Mason will record an album of new original compositions that pairs a jazz trio with a classical string quartet.

Susannah Coleman-Brown Trio

(Beau Thomas, Jason Whatley and Susannah Coleman-Brown)

$11 887

An original jazz EP

The Susannah Coleman-Brown Trio will work with Kelly Ottaway to produce a recording of new compositions at Elephant Studios.

The Bad Dad Orchestra

(Carl Bulow, Carl Treasure, Chris Bonner, James Steele, Luke Young, Lee Mallinson, Levi Abbott,  Shaun Dearing and Vince Walker)

$5 500

A music video

Funding will support the Bad Dad Orchestra to engage visual artists and audio engineers to record and document a live performance. This will be shared online.

Zarven Kara

$14 500

Album production for Tasmanian artists

Zarven Kara will collaborate with a range of Tasmanian musicians to create and record new music.

Feedback from the expert peers

The peers gave the following feedback to help current and future applicants.

  • It is important to make sure the focus of your application is consistent with the guidelines of the program.
  • If someone is writing an application on your behalf, you should review the application before it is submitted to make sure it is in line with the program guidelines.
  • Make sure you go into detail about your proposed activities.
  • Peers found some applications in this round to be very short, which made them difficult to assess. Allocated word counts provide an indication of how much information is appropriate.
  • Make sure you check the program guidelines or speak with Arts Tasmania before applying. Many of the applications in this round included ineligible expenses such as interstate travel and equipment.
  • Peers encouraged all applicants to discuss their idea with Arts Tasmania before submitting (even if they have applied in the past) to make sure the activity is eligible.
  • Artistic support material should be carefully chosen to give peers the best idea of your work. It should be relevant to the application, or recent.
  • Applicants are encouraged to work within the limits when providing support material. Peers are not required to view any more than five items of artistic support material and two letters of support.
  • Budgets should be detailed and include a commentary or notes explaining each item, such as recording or printing fees. These details show planning and allows the peers to determine a project is realistic and achievable.
  • Budgets should also include artist wages and fees in line with the appropriate industry rate.
  • Applicants should have a friend or colleague review their application before you submit.
  • If you are not recommended for support, contact Arts Tasmania staff for peer feedback on your application. This can help you to develop your skills and submit more competitive applications in the future.

Peer assessors

The following peers assessed programs included in the Tasmanian Government’s Cultural and Creative Industries stimulus package (incorporating the Arts and Screen Digital Production Fund and the Tasmanian Contemporary Music Fund):

  • Dan Rooke
  • Erin Collins
  • Harry Edwards
  • Heidi Maguire
  • Jane Forrest
  • Jason Imms
  • Katrine Elliot
  • Matthew Fargher
  • Sarah Triffit
  • Shaun Wilson