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Arts Tasmania

Artsbridge (July 2020)

Artsbridge supports:

  • Individuals and groups to take up national or international activities
  • Individuals, groups and Tasmanian organisations to bring arts professionals to Tasmania to conduct creative and/or professional development activities.

The Minister for the Arts has approved funding of $25 900 to five new projects in this round.

Funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.

The expert peers were directed to assess applications and recommend them for support on the basis of the published criteria, rather than the likelihood of the activities occurring as planned due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

If a funded activity is not able to proceed as planned, Arts Tasmania will support the applicant to adjust or revise activities and timelines.


Elli Iliades - $8 500 towards bringing professionals to Tasmania to shoot a short film titled So Much Smoke in January 2021.

Mudlark Theatre Inc. - $2 400 towards support for the dramaturgical development of a new work in December 2020.

Tania Walker - $3 000 towards attending the Clarion West Writers Workshop in Seattle in 2021.

Tasdance - $9 000 towards the creative development of Where Do We Start? in November 2020.

Tess Campbell - $3 000 towards production of short film The Krill Project in December 2020.

Feedback from the expert peers

The peers gave the following feedback to help current and future applicants:

  • The peers encouraged applicants to read the program guidelines and application forms carefully before submitting an application (a number of applications to this round included ineligible expenses in the budget such as equipment purchases and non-travel related activities).
  • The peers recommended that all applicants (whether new or experienced) contact Arts Tasmania to make sure their applications were in line with program guidelines.
  • Applicants should write in plain English and avoid unnecessary artform specific language or jargon.
  • The peers recommended that applicants proofread, or have someone else proofread, all parts of the application before submitting.
  • Applications with clear and detailed budgets were more likely to be supported.
  • Budgets should include accurate figures based on industry wages and quotes rather than estimates or broad generalisations.
  • Peers encouraged applicants to carefully consider the assessment criteria when writing an application.
  • Applications to this round were more likely to be supported if they clearly addressed or demonstrated the benefits of the activity – whether to the applicant, and audience, the community or the broader sector.
  • Stronger applications included targeted letters of support that spoke about the artistic integrity or benefit of the project and were relevant to Arts Tasmania’s funding rounds.

Peer assessors

The following peers assessed in the July 2020 round:

  • Jordy Gregg
  • Shirley Gibson
  • Susan Simonini