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Arts Tasmania

Youth Arts Organisations 2019-20

The Minister for the Arts has approved funding of $260 000 to six arts organisations to deliver high quality youth-focused arts experiences, activities and training around the state in 2020.

Funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.


    all that we are – $37 751 towards ArTELIER APPLIED.

    Archipelago Productions – $14 400 towards opportunities for young Tasmanian actors and writers to engage in high quality theatre practice.

    DRILL Youth Performance Company – $80 000 towards their 2020 program.

    RANT Arts Ltd. – $27 500 towards Soliloquy 2020.

    Slipstream Circus Inc. – $20 440 towards mentorship of youth trainers in creation of a performance.

    Tasmanian Youth Orchestra – $79 909 towards their 2020 program.

    Feedback from the expert peers

    The peers provided the following feedback for current and future applicants:

    • Applicants should not assume peers have knowledge of their organisation, artform, or region.
    • Applications that were clear and concise were strong in this round.
    • Applicants should use clear language and proof read applications before submission.
    • Arts and community organisations working with broad groups that may include young people were encouraged to be clear about how the grant funds would assist in engaging and developing young people (0 to 25 years of age), in line with the program guidelines.
    • Peers expressed strong support for applications that demonstrated that young people were driving and designing the proposed activity.
    • Applications that involve public events and activities should include information relating to marketing and communications, and information around how audience members will be engaged.
    • Applications with evidence of strong partnerships, co-investment and community support were more likely to be supported in this round.
    • Strong applications included strong artistic support material and support material that demonstrated an organisation’s previous engagements with young people.
    • Letters of support and supporting material should highlight partnerships that are genuine and meaningful.

    Peer assessors

    The following peers assessed in this round (incorporating the Aboriginal Arts Program, Artsbridge, the Art Fair Industry Development Initiative, COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme – Arts Businesses, Northern Tasmania Arts Organisations Initiative, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Arts Mentoring Scheme, Tasmanian Residencies & the FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective Bursary):

    • Alexander Rodrigues
    • Ashleigh Whatling
    • Bridget Arkless
    • Chris Arneaud-Clarke
    • Danny Gibson
    • Jabra Latham
    • Jessica Pangas
    • Jillian Mundy
    • Katrina Ross
    • Liz Tew
    • Lynne Spotswood
    • Mairi Ward
    • Nathan Maynard
    • Patricia Sabine
    • Robert Broughton
    • Sam Routledge
    • Shirley Patton
    • Sophie Carnell
    • Teangi Brown
    • Tony Brown