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Arts Tasmania

Tasmanian Aboriginal Arts Mentorship Scheme 2019-20

The Minister for the Arts has approved funding of $40 000 to support emerging Aboriginal artists to undertake mentorship projects.

Funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.


    Bianca Templar - $10 000 towards Palawa Pendants - a mentorship project working with Jeweller Designer, Anita Dineen.

    Michelle Maynard - $10 000 towards a mentorship project working with Designer, Michelle Boyde.

    Tasmania Performs - $10 000 towards a mentorship project for Aboriginal artist, Denni Proctor working as Assistant Designer to Designer Jane Hakaraia on cross cultural work Hide the Dog.

    Warren Mason - $10 000 towards mentorship project, Tin Camp, working with Colin Langridge and Contemporary Art Tasmania.

    Feedback from the expert peers

    The peers gave the following feedback to help current and future applicants:

    • Applicants are encouraged to consider including Aboriginal mentors in their project or consider engaging with multiple mentors to expand developmental opportunities.
    • Applicants are encouraged to ensure their support material is up to date and relevant to the proposed activity.

    Peer assessors

    The following peers assessed in this round (incorporating the Aboriginal Arts Program, Artsbridge, the Art Fair Industry Development Initiative, COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme – Arts Businesses, Northern Tasmania Arts Organisations Initiative, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Arts Mentoring Scheme, Tasmanian Residencies & the FIND Contemporary Jewellery Collective Bursary):

    • Alexander Rodrigues
    • Ashleigh Whatling
    • Bridget Arkless
    • Chris Arneaud-Clarke
    • Danny Gibson
    • Jabra Latham
    • Jessica Pangas
    • Jillian Mundy
    • Katrina Ross
    • Liz Tew
    • Lynne Spotswood
    • Mairi Ward
    • Nathan Maynard
    • Patricia Sabine
    • Robert Broughton
    • Sam Routledge
    • Shirley Patton
    • Sophie Carnell
    • Teangi Brown
    • Tony Brown