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Arts Tasmania

Artsbridge 2019-20 (October 2019)

The Artsbridge program supports:

  • Individuals and groups to take up national or international activities
  • Individuals, groups and Tasmanian organisations to bring arts professionals to Tasmania to conduct creative and/or professional development activities.

The Minister for the Arts has approved funding of $32 429 to eight new projects in this round.

Funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.


Carly Young - $3 000 towards the development and presentation of a new work by re:group performance collective as part of Next Wave Festival 2020 and MERRIGONGX 2020.

DRILL Performance Company Inc. - $3 000 towards the Samaya Wives Residency.

Elizabeth Braid - $3 479 towards undertaking an international artist residency.

Megan Walch - $3 000 towards an international residency and exhibition.

Paul Snell - $ 3 000 towards Image_Object.

Rachel Meyers - $5 990 towards staging a new work at Next Wave Festival 2020.

Tasdance - $5 020 towards REACTOR at MONA FOMA.

Van Diemen’s Band - $5 940 towards bringing European early music specialists to Tasmania.

Feedback from the expert peers

The peers gave the following feedback to help current and future applicants:

  • Peers noted that several of the applications in this round appeared rushed, and may have been copied from applications to other funding bodies or rounds.
  • Applications that took a plain and simple approach to describing the proposed activity and addressing the criteria were more likely to be recommended for support.
  • Peers encouraged applicants to write for a general audience and avoid making assumptions by including clear and concise information on their practices and artform areas.
  • Where possible, applications should include a timeline that clearly outlines when and how activities would be delivered.
  • Applicants were encouraged to take a fresh approach to each application to ensure accuracy. Copying and pasting between applications can lead to errors.
  • All applicants were reminded to carefully read the program guidelines and to follow the instructions in the application form.
  • Peers suggested that applicants contact Arts Tasmania staff before and after making an application for funding. The information they can provide can be key to completing a competitive funding application. Peer feedback is valuable for both successful and unsuccessful applicants.
  • It is important to carefully curate the support material provided with an application, and consider how each attachment or link addresses the assessment criteria. The most important or strongest item of support material should be first.
  • Applicants should include letters of support where possible as they can greatly strengthen an application. These letters should be addressed to Arts Tasmania, be clearly signed and dated.

Peer assessors

The following peers assessed in the October 2019 round (incorporating Art Fair Industry Development Initiative, Artsbridge, Cultural Heritage Program, Cultural Heritage Program (multi-year), The FIND Collective Contemporary Jewellery Bursary, Low-interest Loans, Roving Curators and Tasmanian Residencies):

  • Alexander Rodrigues
  • Danny Gibson
  • Grace Roberts
  • Shirley Patton
  • Bob Broughton
  • Bridget Arkless
  • Katrina Ross
  • Patricia Sabine
  • Teangi Brown
  • Sophie Carnell

There were also peers that participated in this assessment who wished to remain anonymous and their names have not been published.