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Arts Tasmania

Cultural Heritage Organisations and Cultural Heritage Organisations 2020-21

Funding recommendations were made by expert peers drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register.

The expert peers have recommended that four organisations be supported with funds of $83 000. This is alongside four existing multi-year agreements totalling $382 000.


    Collection of Medical Artefacts - $3 843 towards rehousing and documenting collection.

    Tasmanian Aviation Historical Society Inc. - $700 towards establishing best practices for collection management.

    The Trustee for the Trustees of the Diocese of Tasmania - $1 894 towards a collection management system.

    Multi-year agreements

    Devonport City Council - $76 563 towards Devonport Regional Gallery visual arts program in 2020-21, and $80 000 for 2021-22.

    Existing multi-year agreements

    Burnie City Council - $111 000 for 2020-21.

    Maritime Museum of Tasmania Inc. - $76 000 for 2020-21.

    Narryna Heritage Museum Inc. - $45 000 per annum (2020-21 to 2021-22).

    West Coast Heritage Museum Limited - $150 000 for 2020-21.

    Feedback from the expert peers

    The peers provided the following feedback for current and future applicants:

    • Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider inclusion and diversity in their applications.
    • Applications that included realistic budgets and timelines were more likely to be supported in this round.
    • The peers expressed support for applications that included a clear explanation of how the proposed activity would contribute to developing or progressing the collection and its volunteers.
    • Applications that included clear information relating to the physical location of the collection (such as photos or floorplans) were also well considered.
    • Applicants lodging more than one application to Arts Tasmania’s programs were encouraged to explain how the applications related to each other.
    • The peers noted that wherever possible, the information covered in support material or attachments should not be repeated within the written body of the application. They also noted the importance of including relevant letters of support from individuals or organisations involved in the proposed activity.
    • The peers commended applicants for consulting with Arts Tasmania staff before lodging applications but noted that information provided by staff should not be included within the application without customisation to meet the applicant’s specific needs.

    Peer assessors

    The following peers assessed in the October 2019 round (incorporating Art Fair Industry Development Initiative, Artsbridge, Cultural Heritage Program, Cultural Heritage Program (multi-year), The FIND Collective Contemporary Jewellery Bursary, Low-interest Loans, Roving Curators and Tasmanian Residencies):

    • Bob Broughton
    • Bridget Arkless
    • Katrina Ross
    • Alexander Rodrigues
    • Danny Gibson
    • Grace Roberts
    • Shirley Patton
    • Sophie Carnell
    • Patricia Sabine
    • Teangi Brown