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Arts Tasmania

Jeju International Residency 2019-20

The Jeju International Residency supports Tasmanian visual artists to undertake a cultural exchange residency in Jeju Province in South Korea.


Arts Tasmania uses peer assessors, drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register, to recommend activities for support.

The peers recommended two applications under the 2019-20 round of Jeju International Residency:

  • Veronica Kent
  • Nadege Philippe-Janon

The artists received funding of $10 975 towards a six week residency in the Jeju Province.

Feedback from the expert peers

The peers provided the following feedback for current and future applicants:

  • Applications that demonstrated that the applicant had researched the residency and residency location were more likely to be recommended for support.
  • Applications that included an understanding of the reciprocal potential of the residency opportunity were viewed favourably.
  • The peers recommended that letters of support be targeted, specific and objective. In this instance, a focus on the applicant’s capacity to be curious, resilient and to work cross culturally was favoured.

Peer assessors

The following peers assessed in this round (incorporating the following programs: the Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency, Artsbridge, COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme – Businesses, the Jeju International Residency, Low-interest Loans and the Tasmanian Aboriginal Arts Mentoring Scheme):

  • Carin Mistry
  • Claire Beale
  • Denni Proctor
  • Jillian Mundy
  • Liz Tew
  • Matthew Lamb
  • Robert O’Connor