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Arts Tasmania

Artsbridge 2018-19 (March 2019)

The Artsbridge program supports:

  • Individuals and groups to take up national or international activities
  • Individuals, groups and Tasmanian organisations to bring arts professionals to Tasmania to conduct creative and/or professional development activities.


Arts Tasmania uses peer assessors, drawn from the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register, to recommend activities for support.

Peer assessors recommended that six projects be supported with funds totaling $36 985 through this round of Artsbridge.

Dylan Sheridan - $3 000 towards undertaking international opportunities in Europe

Justine Phillips & Margaret Woodward - $4 965 towards attending the London Small Publishers Fair 2019

Kelly Drummond Cawthon - $9 500 towards an A.R.T. Residency

Mudlark Theatre Company - $3 520 towards It Happened One Day

The Terror Australis Readers and Writers Festival (Auspicious Arts Inc.) - $10 000 towards bringing interstate professionals to Huon Valley for the 2019 Terror Australis Readers and Writers Festival.

Tess Campbell - $6 000 towards the development of international artist project

Feedback from the expert peers

The peers provided the following feedback for current and future applicants:

  • The peers noted that this was a highly competitive round with a large number of high quality applications that could not all be supported given the available funds.
  • The peers strongly recommended that future applicants discuss their projects with Arts Tasmania staff before lodging applications.
  • Applications relating to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural content were greatly strengthened by contacting Arts Tasmania’s Aboriginal Arts Officer prior to submission.
  • Peers encouraged applicants applying to more than one program to avoid a 'cut and paste’ approach to their application.  Applications that were more competitive were generally tailored to the program guidelines or its objectives.
  • Applicants were encouraged, where they were travelling for a single activity, to consider leveraging other activities in the same region.
  • The peers also recommended that applicants make sure they include:
    • Clear and consistent arguments against each of the criteria.
    • Artistic support material that is clearly labelled and relevant to the proposed activity.
    • Letters of confirmation for residencies or invitation only opportunities.
    • Letters of support that are specific to the application.

Peer assessors

The following peers assessed in this round (incorporating the following programs: the Arts Tasmania Claudio Alcorso International Residency, Artsbridge, COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme – Businesses, the Jeju International Residency, Low-interest Loans and the Tasmanian Aboriginal Arts Mentoring Scheme):

  • Carin Mistry
  • Claire Beale
  • Denni Proctor
  • Jillian Mundy
  • Liz Tew
  • Matthew Lamb
  • Robert O’Connor