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Department of State Growth

Tasmania and Indonesia

In Indonesia the South Asia mission’s stop-over reinforced Tasmania’s commitment to our important bilateral relationship in light of the recent agreement to reinvigorate Australia-Indonesia free trade negotiations – a national move that opens up enormous opportunities for Tasmanian across business, investment and trading ties in goods and services.

People-to-people links are an important part of our ongoing relationship with Indonesia. Through tourism and cultural and educational engagement a mutual understanding of each other has been achieved and continues to grow.  

With Indonesia a high-population and rapidly developing neighbour, Australia has long provided expertise, education and training opportunities to support Indonesia’s progress and Tasmania rightfully has its part to play.

Tasmania provides excellent opportunities for skilled and vocational education vital to Indonesia such as through the Australian Maritime College and the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Science at the University of Tasmania. We also offer a variety of educational options to students from Indonesia both at the University of Tasmania and other higher educational institutions including across health and education sectors.  

Maritime opportunities also extend to Tasmania’s advanced manufacturing sector with a number of established and innovative boat building businesses having existing relationships with Indonesia and are complemented by educational and training opportunities available in Tasmania.  

Beyond education, business and investment opportunities Tasmania is a tourism destination offering a wide range of experiences from accessible wilderness to world class arts and cultural experiences.