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Department of State Growth

Tasmania and India

In India the South Asia mission promoted our high-quality goods and services such as tourism and hospitality, premium food and beverages, and world–class education and skills training to a nation with growth driving demand for the kind of quality Tasmania is known for.

Economic reforms, increasing productivity, urbanisation and a large youthful demographic in India are driving a growing middle class and changing tastes for premium niche sector produce and specialised services that Tasmania is ideally placed to provide.

Tasmania offers access to a world–class international education and tourism and a wealth of safe and premium food available to supply the Indian market as existing partnerships grow and new ones emerge.

Students from India are already Tasmania’s second largest source of international enrolments and our number of registered international education providers is growing to offer more and varied opportunities in university and vocational training institutions.

Tasmania has all the ingredients to help international students accomplish their goals and achieve their very best while delivering exports of high-quality produce Indians at home are increasingly seeking from existing and new markets.