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Department of State Growth


Tasmania is the only Australian state where the use of hormone growth promotants (HGPs) is prohibited through Government legislation. High-quality beef and lamb is produced from animals which are bred and raised using pasture-based systems and may be 'finished' at a feedlot.

Tasmania – Australia’s temperate island state

Separated from the rest of Australia by the waters of Bass Strait, Tasmania is also set apart by its climate. Air masses roll in consistently from the oceanic west, bringing some of the world’s cleanest air, along with rain that is pure enough to bottle and export. This reliable rainfall and climate contribute to Tasmanian farmers’ ability to produce quality animals that provide premium meat.

Quality assurance and care

The Tasmanian meat industry’s quality control schemes ensure that consumers can buy fresh, safe and healthy meat. The CATTLECARE® and FLOCKCARE® programs set quality standards for Tasmanian farmers to follow at each stage of producing beef and sheepmeat on their farm. The standards cover areas such as animal welfare, chemical residue and pesticide management, stock feeds, transport and handling control. Quality control programs also operate in feedlots and saleyards to ensure livestock welfare, quality and safety is managed. Acceptable Maximum Residue Level (MRL) requirements are strictly monitored and adhered to.

Competitive advantage

It is Tasmania’s isolation from the rest of Australia and the world, combined with its stringent quarantine regulations, that keep the state free from many of the major sheep and cattle diseases. In addition, Tasmania’s natural environment, consisting of vast grazing land, clean rainfall and plenty of sunshine, contributes to the healthy condition of Tasmanian stock. The Tasmanian meat industry has implemented Australian standards for hygiene and food safety. Efficient on-farm production processes and leading-edge processing techniques make Tasmanian farmers efficient and cost-effective producers.

Healthy choice

Tasmanian premium meat, be it beef, lamb or other game meats, contains essential nutrients. It is high in protein and also provides iron, zinc and B group vitamins that together contribute to a healthy immune system, the transport of oxygen to the blood and the production of energy.