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National metering changes

New national metering rules

What is changing?

From 1 December 2017, new national rules for electricity meters come into effect in Tasmania and in most other National Electricity Market regions.

Under the new rules, your electricity retailer is responsible for new electricity meters.  

Your retailer will provide you with an advanced meter when you need a new meter, for example: if your existing meter fails or is at the end of its useful life, or if you are building a new home.

Over time there will be a steady increase in the number of advanced meters in use by residential and small business customers.

What is an advanced meter?

An advanced meter uses digital technology to measure electricity use and can transmit this information remotely to electricity retailers via telecommunications networks.

Advanced meters also have the potential to do other things remotely, such as notify the electricity distributor of network faults.

What are the benefits of advanced meters?

Advanced meters can facilitate a broad range of benefits, although it will take time for these benefits to be realised as advanced meter numbers steadily increase.

Examples of potential benefits include consumers being able to access better information about their energy use, which can help people to make more informed decisions about how and when they use electricity. Advanced meters can also help to overcome access issues associated with manual meter reading, and improve the management of the electricity network.

Over time it is expected that retailers and other energy service providers will offer products and services that take advantage of the benefits of advanced metering. This will result in greater choice for consumers and better services.

Do I need to do anything?

You don’t need to do anything as a result of the new rules. From 1 December 2017, if you need a new meter you will receive an advanced meter and this will be arranged for you by your retailer.

Where can I get more information?

For more information about advanced meters talk to your electricity retailer.

Currently Aurora Energy is the retailer for all residential customers in Tasmania and most small business customers. ERM Business Energy also provides retail services for small business customers. Other electricity retailers may provide services in Tasmania in the future.

Information about your rights as a consumer in relation to meters is available from the Australian Energy Regulator’s website.  The AER also has information on frequently asked questions about advanced meters.

For details about the AEMC’s Power of Choice reforms, visit the Australian Energy Market Commission’s website.

For help resolving a dispute with your electricity retailer, contact the Energy Ombudsman Tasmania.

The Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy website also contains useful information for consumers.