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Department of State Growth

Draft New Zealand Integrated Trade Strategy

The Tasmanian Government is committed to realising opportunities for Tasmanian businesses to grow trade to New Zealand, through the development of the New Zealand integrated Trade Strategy.

Opportunities exist across a range of sectors for Tasmanian businesses to build partnerships with our closest neighbour, particularly under the  current Australia and New Zealand travel bubble.

The Draft New Zealand Integrated Trade Strategy has been released to allow the Tasmanian trading community to have input in the Government’s plan for engaging this key market.

Draft New Zealand Integrated Trade Strategy

Strategy overview

The Tasmanian Trade Strategy 2019-2025 sets out the Tasmanian Government’s priorities and initiatives for growing trade.

The purpose of this New Zealand Integrated Trade Strategy is to:

  • assist business to grow their trade with New Zealand * foster partnerships to drive economic growth and boost jobs; and
  • build government to government relationships to develop opportunities of mutual benefit.

This will be achieved by focusing on partnerships, emerging opportunities, freight and trans-shipment extension, and market access.


  • Provide Tasmanian businesses with a best practice approach to growing and maintaining commercial and export partnerships in New Zealand.
  • Explore strategic partnerships for the Tasmanian and New Zealand business community.
  • Identify new ways to work with TradeStart and Austrade networks.
  • Enhance delivery of market intelligence and business matching services.
  • Connect our advanced manufacturers and manufacturing input through the Industry Capability Network (ICN) Tasmania, establishing a direct link to identify collaboration and tender opportunities.

Emerging opportunities

  • Maximise the potential of direct international flights from Auckland to Hobart to grow the visitor economy to both Tasmania and New Zealand.
  • Exploring collaboration between the University of Tasmania and New Zealand’s university sector.
  • Promote defence and maritime capabilities in conjunction with the sector, including the Tasmanian Maritime Network and Australian Maritime College.
  • Other emerging opportunities include but are not limited to: supporting collaboration in the Blue Economy CRC
    • promoting capabilities for composites – ambulances and buses
    • collaboration in cybersecurity  growing exports of hemp and associated value-added products
    • increased exports of mineral and energy resources
    • exploring potential internship and knowledge exchanges in shared sectors including viticulture and agriculture
    • promoting the capacity and capability of science and space sectors
    • capabilities in maritime sustainment and simulators.

Freight and trans-shipment extension

  • Identify opportunities for perishable and time sensitive freight offered by direct flights.
  • Identify extension opportunities for business to access additional routes to third-party markets using the Hobart – Auckland airlink.
  • Identification of opportunities through the Bell Bay trans-shipping sea link (Capricorn run) for Tasmanian exporters.

Market access

  • Explore a collaborative relationship between New Zealand and Tasmanian biosecurity areas


To grow Tasmania’s trade with New Zealand

Build trade in key sectors

  • Sector-specific trade events   and visits
  • Promotional materials and events in market
  • Development of strategic alliances with the business community
  • Digital trade opportunities
  • Dedicated Tourism   Tasmania campaign

Showcase Tasmania in priority markets

  • Coordinated missions and/or delegations
  • Trade Tasmania digital presence
  • Discrete screen   promotion

Support trade logistics and market access

  • Tailored freight   and logistics toolkit
  • Direct airline   service
  • Trade accelerator advisory service
  • Biosecurity collaboration

Build export capabilities of Tasmanian businesses

  • Accelerating Trade Grant Program
  • Support business alliances
  • Advocacy


An increase in the number of businesses provided with a service and / or support.

An improvement in brand awareness.

At least 80 per cent of businesses satisfied with the quality of services provided.

An increase in the value of products or services sold by Tasmanian businesses, where these businesses have been supported through the Strategy.

Key sectors

Advanced manufacturing

Antarctic and Southern Ocean

Food and agribusiness

Maritime and defence

Resources and energy

Science and technology






Support a continuation of the Air New Zealand partnership to enable direct flights from Hobart to Auckland to increase.

July – September 2021

Facilitate industry roundtables to explore growing trade with New Zealand.

August 2021

Develop a comprehensive tourism, trade and investment mission program for 2021/2022.

When border restrictions permit

Support a tourism and trade mission to showcase established Tasmanian exports.

Explore trans-Tasman partnerships for business to collaborate with mutual trade benefits, providing aftercare and investment attraction opportunities.

Support Tourism Tasmania’s ‘Come Down for Air’ campaign in market to increase visitor numbers to Tasmania.

Post mission

Launch the official New Zealand Integrated Trade Strategy and the Emerging Trade Accelerator Program.

February 2022

Launch the Tasmanian Trade Strategy Annual Action Plan 2022.