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Department of State Growth

Our role and approach

The Department's role is to support economic growth and facilitate the creation of jobs and opportunities for Tasmanians.  In delivering services to Tasmania and growing our state, we will be:

Client centric

As a client centric agency, we will put client needs first and integrate our service delivery by providing assistance and advice from a whole of agency perspective. Using a client management approach, we will actively engage with our clients and the community to understand their challenges and expectations, build effective relationships and improve our services. We will be ambassadors for Tasmania and our agency, we will be open and honest with our clients and follow through on our commitments.


Recognising that we can achieve more working together than on our own, we aim to build strong relationships with government, business and with the community. We seek to make the most of opportunities as they arise to work collaboratively across the department and with organisations and individuals in achieving our purpose.

Values based

We will create a positive, productive and respectful culture across the department. This includes acting with integrity and professionalism; respecting, collaborating and communicating with each other; and supporting and developing our people.

Results driven

Delivering Tasmanian Government priorities and maximising opportunities to drive economic growth and facilitate job creation, will be our focus. An agile and flexible project management approach will ensure delivery of outcomes and we will work collaboratively across different business units to capitalise on our diverse knowledge and expertise. In some cases, we will need to accept an increased level of risk to enable delivery of outcomes and to reduce red tape.

Innovative and creative

We will be creative and support innovation internally, by continually looking for new and better ways to deliver our services and achieve desired outcomes. We aim to better manage risks, leverage opportunities to transform business processes and improve productivity.


We recognise that the environment in which we and our clients operate is constantly changing. We aim to respond quickly and effectively to changing demands and to be well positioned to make the most of new opportunities as they arise.


With a focus on value for money, we aim to make the best use of available resources to deliver the desired outcomes. In allocating our resources, we will take account of the priorities outlined in this Plan and the key activities contributing to the achievement of our objectives. We will also identify, at the earliest opportunity, any functions and actions that cannot be undertaken within available resources.