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Department of State Growth

Grow and support Tasmania’s visitor economy

The Tasmanian Government is committed to growing and strengthening the visitor economy. The visitor economy is about more than just holiday makers, it includes visiting businesses, friends and relatives, students and those attending sport and leisure events.

The Tasmanian Government has a target to attract 1.5 million visitors per year to Tasmania by 2020, generating an additional 8 000 tourism jobs and a further $1 billion in annual visitor spending.

The Department of State Growth is critical to achieving this target. While Tourism Tasmania focuses on marketing Tasmania to the world, the department helps to ensure we have quality products and infrastructure in Tasmania to meet demand and encourage repeat visitation.

We work with tourism businesses and the hospitality/tourism workforce to ensure quality experiences for visitors and locals. We also promote our culture and creativity and support delivery of a diverse and exciting events portfolio, with the state increasingly recognised as a highly desirable and outstanding global destination.

Our priorities

  • Coordinate tourism industry, product and workforce development activities, through the Tourism Supply Steering Committee and refreshing T21 – Tasmania’s Visitor Economy Strategy.
  • Support creation of quality visitor experiences by strategically investing in priority public and private tourism infrastructure and products, through the Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program and Regional Tourism Infrastructure and Innovation Fund.
  • Work with the Tasmanian Hospitality Association to develop the hospitality workforce, including by supporting implementation of the Tasmanian Hospitality Strategic Plan, the Customer Experience Program and the Hospitality Workforce Development Program.
  • Promote and support Tasmania’s creativity and culture, including by developing our creative industries and cultural attractions.
  • Support delivery of an events portfolio that enhances Tasmania’s reputation as a tourism destination, including by implementing the Regional Events Start-Up Program.
  • Support Tasmanian businesses to deliver quality services for visitors and locals, including by implementing targeted programs and information services.
  • Work with the University of Tasmania and the education and training sector to develop an approach to increasing international education in Tasmania.
  • Strategically invest in public infrastructure and transport systems that enhance visitor experiences.