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Department of State Growth

Build Tasmania’s brand as the best place in the country to live, work, invest and raise a family

The Tasmanian Government has a vision of making Tasmania the best place in the country to live, work, invest and raise a family. Tasmania’s liveability is one of its key strengths. We market our state as a place that offers rewarding career opportunities, an enviable lifestyle and vibrant, welcoming communities. Balancing work, family life and recreation is easier in Tasmania where housing is affordable, good schooling and services are available and commute times are among the shortest in the nation. Tasmania also offers a stunning natural environment and cultural, creative and sporting attractions and events that are world-class.

The Department of State Growth is not just about growing Tasmania’s economy and creating quality experiences for visitors, it is also about servicing Tasmanians and enhancing the lifestyle of Tasmanians. The department supports a diverse array of events, manages cultural attractions, promotes our creative talent, protects our natural and cultural history and supports our creative industries. The department also works to provide Tasmania’s youth with opportunities to stay in the state – including to study and to build their careers.

We also provide efficient, safe and reliable transport systems to connect Tasmanians and to enable Tasmanians to experience what the state has to offer.

Building and promoting Tasmania’s brand is important to growing Tasmania’s population. Vibrant and culturally diverse cities and towns attract people and businesses, which in turn creates economic growth and employment opportunities. Building and promoting Tasmania’s brand is also critical to supporting our visitor economy and in marketing our products to the world.

Our priorities

  • Support Tasmanian businesses and industry to create jobs and provide opportunities for Tasmanians.
  • Connect Tasmanians, including young people and transitioning workers, to a working future, by building their vocational, employability and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Build and promote Tasmania’s brand, to market our state to visitors and potential migrants and to differentiate our products.
  • Grow Tasmania’s population by facilitating migration, promoting our liveability and creating jobs, and through implementation of actions identified in the Population Growth Strategy.
  • Enhance the lifestyle of Tasmanians, through supporting the delivery of events across Tasmania and managing cultural attractions, such as the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.
  • Promote our creative talent and support growth of our creative industries, including by developing a strategic plan for jobs growth and investment in the creative industries.
  • Respond to current and emerging community infrastructure needs and support delivery of key projects.
  • Support the provision of competitive, efficient and integrated public transport services.
  • Achieve significant on-going improvements in road safety, including through developing the Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy for 2017-2026.