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Department of State Growth

Cultural and Tourism Industry Development Division

Cultural and Tourism Industry Development Division

Tasmania is at a tipping point. We have a unique position in the imagination of Australia and the world. We are increasingly being recognised as an attractive destination for tourists and for our cultural environment and industries.

The Cultural and Tourism Development Division works to support and deliver products, services and experiences that appeal to both locals and visitors. It does this through supporting sector development, facilitating delivery, providing funding and through stimulating demand.

The business units making up the division have specific communities of practice (sectors) and relationships, which support policy development, industry development and funding attraction from private and other government sources.

The division is comprised of:

  • Arts Tasmania
  • Screen Tasmania
  • Events Tasmania
  • Tourism and hospitality support
  • The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) which is supported in partnership with TMAG trustees.

The principal objectives of the division are:

  1. Industry growth - leading to improved economic performance and increased jobs.
  2. Brand - significant contributor to Tasmanian identity both locally, nationally and internationally
  3. Tourism - contribute to both supply and demand aspects of the Tourism Industry.
  4. Attraction - contribute positively to the quality of life of Tasmanians through providing a range of activities that encourage social participation.

Tasmanian Visitor Engagement Strategy (PDF)

Tasmanian Visitor Engagement Strategy Stage one: Implentation plan (PDF)

Draft Agri-Tourism Strategy (PDF)
Draft Agri-Tourism Strategy Feedback Survey

Preliminary tourism and hospitality workforce audit

Tasmanian Tourism and Hospitality workforce development plan

Servicing Our Growth Report - Tourism and Hospitality Workforce Taskforce (PDF, 689.74 KB)

Cultural and Creative Industries Strategy (PDF, 6532.83 KB)

Review of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board and Screen Tasmania Board - Consultation Paper (PDF, 828.05 KB)

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Strategic Plan (PDF, 2141.52 KB)

Tasmania Cycle Tourism Strategy

The Tasmanian Cycle Tourism Fund guidelines