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Department of State Growth

Deed of Grant

A number of Skills Tasmania programs utilise a Deed of Grant in the administration of projects. In these programs, all successful applicants will enter into a grant deed with the Department of State Growth, on behalf of the Crown in Right of Tasmania. These programs include:

The deed sets out the obligations of parties, and it is important to ensure that you fully understand these obligations before signing. In particular, the deed binds the recipient to:

  • use the grant for the purpose in which it was provided, and for the specific items listed in the deed;
  • meet any specified conditions required by the Department of State Growth;
  • seek written permission from the Department of State Growth prior to any changes to the project, budget or timeframes;
  • provide satisfactory project reports on time;
  • return any unexpended funds; and
  • acknowledge the Department of State Growth as a source of funding for the project.

Each program utilises a common Deed of Grant template used by the Department of State Growth.